How a barefoot shoes' retailer - Barefoot Brno successfully managing COVID19 crisis?

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How a barefoot shoes' retailer - Barefoot Brno successfully managing COVID19 crisis?

The uncertainty of COVID19 crisis has also affected the footwear businesses. We asked Jitka Slunečková the owner of Barefoot Brno, Czech Republic, how this crisis has affected them and how they are managing it.

Jitka Slunečková runs and owns a barefoot shoe store in Brno, Czech Republic. It is the highest-selling barefoot shoe shop in her area, so we decided to ask her a few questions to know her recipe for success.

1. Why is your store doing so well during these challenging times?

It's always about how a person approaches a given situation. COVID-19 pandemic has indeed resulted in uncertainty in the market. Consequently, we noticed a change in customer behaviour - they are now more careful about what they buy, they want high-quality, and environmentally friendly products. We have incorporated these needs very carefully into our sales and development plan.

2. What changes did you make?

We have changed our strategy and decided to focus more on Europen footwear manufacturers and suppliers. We are also looking for partners who do not push us to buy in big quantities with their minimum order conditions. We have begun prioritising brands that meet customer needs and maximise our profits.

3. Why did you build your business based on barefoot shoes?

We are convinced that barefoot shoes bring the whole new level of foot comfort, with demonstrable health benefits. It is amazing to see the customer's reaction when they try the barefoot shoes for the very first time. It is a guaranteed wow effect!

Thanks to barefoot, customers keep coming back to us, not only to buy barefoot shoes for the various seasons but also for their family members and friends. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

4. Why do you partner with Be Lenka?

We recognise that the popularity of Be Lenka brand is growing rapidly. People like their products because they are high quality and stylish and meet the barefoot shoe criteria 100%. Be Lenka offers barefoot shoes for the whole family, for every occasion and for every season which gives me excellent flexibility and opportunity for selling.

Furthermore, BeLenka has a very well-established business policy and was, and still is, a stable and reliable partner during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. What do you recommend to the businesses affected by the crisis?

Cut out things that don't work and focus on things that are more likely to work. Don't be afraid to change and experiment, try new assortments which you can offer to a wide range of customers. Barefoot is the footwear of the future, and its popularity is rocketing - jump on the barefoot train, you won't regret.

Thank you very much for the interview, and we wish you a lot of success in business and of course, good health.

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