Benefits of nursing clothes

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Benefits of nursing clothes

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Benefits of nursing clothes

No piece of clothing can stop any mama from nursing her baby. Wearing a t-shirt with deep neckline is practical, or you can roll your t-shirt up to allow your baby to nurse. Moreover, there is a wide range of nursing attire specially designed to enable you to nurse your baby wherever and whenever you want. Nursing clothes provide you with everything you need for comfortable breastfeeding with utter discreetness. You will not need to roll anything up anymore or wiggle with the neckline of your t-shirt to "release" your breast. Those around you may not even notice you are breastfeeding! So if you are a breastfeeding mama, nursing clothes should be an essential part of your wardrobe.

Before we take a closer look at the nursing attire, let's speak about befits of breastfeeding, first. 


Breastmilk is the most natural thing for a newborn to consume. It contains all the essential nutrients the baby needs for proper growth and development. A newborn baby should be allowed to have skin on skin contact with his/her mother for as long as possible, right after entering this world. The baby can wiggle her/his way to the mama's breasts and latch on. This scenario is ideal for both the mama and her baby. Plus, the skin on skin contact supports lactation. 

However, we all know the reality of giving birth in a hospital. Most mamas are thankful for those precious 2-3 minutes with their newborn before the personnel takes the baby away for measuring, weighing and to perform tests. 

How long should one breastfeed?  You can breastfeed as long as you want and find comfortable; the nursing period comes with no limits. Mothers are saying that they are willing to nurse their baby until he or she wants to. Even until high school graduation :) We are kidding. :) However, the truth is that breastfeeding is one of the best things for your baby. And for you, too.

Benefits of breastfeeding

Nursing is the best thing that can happen to you and your baby. Let's take a closer look at what breastfeeding does for your baby. 

  1. Prevention against illnesses

Breast milk, as we have already mentioned before, contains all the essential nutrients your baby needs for proper growth and development. Moreover, it helps your child to fight off viruses and bacteria. Newborns are born with the immature immune system. Breastfeeding boosts early immunity because it contains secretory immunoglobulin, which helps to build immunity. The highest levels of secretory immunoglobulin are in the first milk - colostrum. Breastmilk contains it, too. Even though not as much as colostrum, but still. So, breastfeeding benefits your baby's immune system. 

  1. Breastfeeding against allergies

Breastfeeding helps to fight off allergies, too. Researches say that children who were bottle-fed with formula, cow milk or soy milk are more likely to develop different kinds of allergies in comparison with those who were breastfed. How come?

Aforementioned secretory immunoglobulin A is the reason why. It helps to protect your baby's fragile body against allergies by creating a particular protecting layer in the baby's intestines. Formula-fed babies do not have this protection layer developed sufficiently; therefore, it does not protect them against allergies or food intolerances.

  1. Breastfeeding to boost baby's intelligence

Researchers have been studying the relationship between breastfeeding and intelligence in over than 17,000 children. They have recently found out that there is a connection. For example, five years old breastfed kids do have a richer vocabulary as compared to bottle-fed kids. They say that breastfeeding supports unique emotional connections that support intellectual potential. They "blame" healthy fatty acids contained in breastmilk for it. 

  1. Fighting against obesity 

Creating healthy eating habits start as soon as after the baby is born. Doctors encourage women to breastfeed not only for its healthful properties but because it fights off obesity (in childhood but also later in adulthood), too. Why? Breastmilk contains less insulin than formula. Higher amounts of insulin lead to higher production of fat. Moreover, breastmilk contains so-called leptin, an enzyme that controls appetite. Breastfed babies gain weight at a slower pace than formula-fed babies. It is better this way. Babies who gain weight too fast are prone to becoming obese later in life.

  1. Lower risk of SIDS

SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome -the nightmare of all parents around the world. Doctors are pointing on the benefits of breastfeeding even when it comes to a nightmarish SIDS topic. They say that keeping on breastfeeding after the first month of the baby's life can lower the risk by half! And this number is worth the shot.

  1. Bonding

Breastfeeding is primary about nutrition, BUT, it is far more! Nursing sessions provide an excellent time for a mama and her baby. They are bonding. The baby feels safe and protected, loved by the mama. Does your baby want to nurse but does not eat much at the end? This happens more than one would think, lactation consultants say. Your baby just needs you and uses nursing to satisfy that need. Breastfeeding helps your baby to calm down, ease any form of stress or anxiety he or she might feel, nursing can even help your baby to fall asleep. 

Benefits of breastfeeding for a mama

Breastfeeding affects both the mama and the baby in the best way possible. At first, it provides your baby with all the essential nutrients. Moreover, while nursing, you create a safe space where your baby can feel protected, loved and safe. You can thrive, too, both physically and emotionally.

  1. Prevention against cancer

Breastfeeding lowers the risk of getting breast cancer or ovarian cancer. It is because of the changes in the breast tissue caused by breastfeeding and because of lower levels of estrogen being released. 

  1. Fighting against postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a real deal. No mama wants to suffer from it; it is not like she has a choice. BUT you can lower the risk of suffering from it by breastfeeding. Nursing helps to ease the stress a new mama has to endure, it calms her baby down and therefore creates a peaceful environment where no depression has its place :)

  1. Quicker recovery

Do you feel like you have found your Zen while breastfeeding? You can "blame" the hormone oxytocin. This particular hormone, which is being released during breastfeeding, helps you to relax and calm down, to feel happy. It fights off stress, depression. Moreover, this hormone helps your uterus to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy shape, and that lowers the intensity of postpartum bleeding. Thus, breastfeeding can help you to recover faster.

Breastfeeding has, indeed, plenty of benefits, if it goes smoothly and without complications. Nevertheless, breastfeeding often comes with challenges that can make the whole experience painful or nightmarish. Therefore, you need to know all the HOWs and WHYs and never be shy to seek help if you struggle with nursing. The correct breastfeeding technique is an essential thing to maintain long-term and beneficial breastfeeding journey with your baby. Knowing HOW can help you prevent insufficient or non-existent latching, you can even avoid creating so-called cracked nipples or nipple trauma and many more. If you need help, call your doctor or find a lactation consultant, they are here to help.

How to breastfeed correctly

There is a set of rules to achieve the right method of breastfeeding. By following these steps, you should be able to avoid most of the complications and unpleasantries that may have occurred. Let's take a closer look at these steps:  

  1. Always bring your baby to your breast, not vice versa
  2. The baby should be in (baby's) the belly on (mama's) the belly position 
  3. Do not let your baby nurse from a breast that is is too hard (on touch). Cool it down, at first, then express a little milk manually before offering it to your baby
  4. If your baby does not want to latch on, gently stroke his/her lips with your nipple
  5. The face of the baby, especially the lips, and your nipple are at the same level
  6. The baby's head should be bent a little backwards and held with your hand. Baby should be able to move freely with his/her head. 

There are many lactation consultants ready to help any mama in need. So if you are struggling, look for help. Sometimes it takes only little to solve the problem. Maybe you will only need to change your baby's position. Do not hesitate nor feel ashamed to ask for help. Nobody is born perfect, and only practice makes perfect.

Breastfeeding on demand

Every mama comes to a point where she wants to get her baby to sleep through the night; therefore, she needs to adjust feedings. These intentions are counterproductive and may corrupt breastfeeding. Why? Milk production is a "use it or lose it" process. The more often and effectively your baby nurses, the more milk you will make. Therefore, prolonging the time between nursing sessions and skipping nighttime feedings are risky moves affecting your overall milk production.

Moreover, your baby can be frustrated, fussy and upset because he or she is not allowed to nurse on demand. Your baby may even start rejecting your breast for good. Is it worth the risk?

So, what can you do to support long-term and smooth breastfeeding? Breastfeed on demand. Nurse your baby whenever he or she wants to, even before or after eating solids. If your baby does not ask for your breast, offer it. If your baby is hungry, he or she will take it. Breastfeed on demand until your baby reaches 18 months of age.

What about your diet during breastfeeding? Which foods are okay and which forbidden? Read more in the article about Breastfeeding.

Nursing attire

Well, we have summarized all the perks of breastfeeding, so now it is time to take a closer look at unique clothes for breastfeeding mamas. Breastfeeding itself can be quite a challenge, at times, so why not to make it easier when you can? :)

Nursing attire - clothing specially designed for breastfeeding mamas to make nursing easier. Almost everything you usually wear is now available in the nursing version, bras, tees, dresses, jumpers, and so on. You can choose from a wide range of styles (formal, informal) and colours (mono or colourful), but still all functional and highly practical. Sometimes you cannot even spot the difference between nursing and non-nursing clothing item; they are made to be discreet and to offer you utmost privacy. 

Benefits of nursing clothing

When you become a mother, the whole your world turns upside down. It changes almost everything, though not necessarily your clothing style. Becoming a mother does not mean you have to start wearing sloppy sweatpants and loose t-shirts. You can dress comfortably and nicely yet practically! Chose the right nursing attire and you will never feel not beautiful again :) These are the biggest perks of nursing clothes:

Discreetness and privacy

Breastfeeding is easy when you are at home. You can even be all-time fully naked, and nobody would care. But, if you want to nurse in public, proper clothing may come in handy. Nursing clothes are designed to provide the utmost privacy and discreetness during breastfeeding. It means that you will not need to get almost naked to be able to breastfeed your baby. The nursing clothes are manufactured to create easy access to your breast by undoing a zipper or buttons, usually covered by a layer of cloth and therefore hidden from the plain sight. This function makes nursing clothes so unique and special. One quick move and hurray, you can nurse your baby. You can always cover yourself and the baby with a cloth diaper or baby-wrap for additional privacy. 


Your baby is hungry. The ear-piercing shriek can be quite possibly heard as far as on the Moon. You do not want to waste precious time by rolling your t-shirt up and exposing your breast to the world. Or finding a sanctuary where you can privately bare your chest and nurse your baby. All you need to do is to nurse your baby. NOW. Nursing clothes are made to meet this need. Just undo a zipper or a button (sometimes only two overleaping layers of cloth) and voila, the access to your breast is ready, and you can feed your baby.


Most of the nursing clothes are designed to be worn not only during the breastfeeding period but the period of pregnancy as well. It is so practical! You purchase several pieces of clothing, and you can wear them for so long! The world goes upside down with the arrival of the baby, so the last thing a new mama needs to worry about is shopping for new clothes :)

You can buy special nightgowns, t-shirts or dresses suitable for both pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Moreover, you can even purchase jackets and jumpers for the whole period of motherhood. How do you achieve such a level of versatility? By using a simple extender which you can zip into your jacket. There are two types of extenders – a maternity one and a babywearing one. Which one to chose? Chose simply by the name – the maternity extender is used for the period of pregnancy. After your baby's birth and when you decide to babywear, just remove the maternity extender and switch to the babywearing one. Or you can wear your jacket just like that, with no extender zipped in.

Nursing clothing

The most favourite items among nursing clothes are nursing bras, nursing t-shirts, nursing bedgowns and nursing dresses. Moreover, there are nursing pyjamas, different kids of nursing tops and blouses. You can read more about nursing clothes in the article How to choose nursing clothes.


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