How to take care of babywraps containing linen?

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How to take care of babywraps containing linen?

Baby-wraps made with linen are durable and pleasant to touch

Babywearers can choose from a wide range of baby-wraps; from different colours, patterns, designs, and materials. Amongst many, linen is a popular, yet feared, material. Linen is a natural textile with great functional features. However, compared to a 100% cotton wrap, it requires a little bit more care. Let’s look at those fantastic features, first.

Linen-wrap features

Baby-wraps containing linen are functional, durable and pleasant to touch (after having been “worn in” first). Thanks to its ability to regulate heat, linen wraps can be used throughout the year; they keep babies cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This makes linen the perfect wrap material for the whole babywearing journey.


Many mums are hesitant to try linen due to its “troublemaking” reputation. This may be due to its requirements for special care. Linen is a natural material of a firmer nature; it can be easily recognized with a single touch. Linen wraps are firmer in comparison to other additions, such as Tencel wraps, or cotton.

How to wash a linen baby-wrap?

We recommend washing your linen wrap at 60°C. Always check the label for the manufacturer’s recommendations, if they suggest washing on a different temperature, follow their instructions. Generally, washing a linen wrap on a lower temperature may loosen the linen threads and move them out of their place, creating holes. However, this can be easily fixed by manually moving the threads back to their place and then washing the wrap again, this time on a higher temperature.

How to iron a linen baby-wrap?

Long story short – very often. Linen is a functional material requiring frequent ironing. Linen fibers need ironing to keep and extend their functionality, so you will need to iron your wrap every other day. Linen wraps without the appropriate ironing care will get wrinkled and damage the fibers. It is recommended to use a steaming program when ironing. The main material used in wraps is cotton with linen as an addition, therefore use a program for cotton when ironing. The best time for ironing is when the wrap has not dried completely and is still a little damp.

Worn-in wraps

When you decide to use linen wrap for your newborn, you should make it “worn in” before you start babywearing. Making the wrap “worn in” means using it as much as you can before you wrap your baby in it. Wearing the wrap in will soften the fibers so that the wrap becomes more comfortable. But how do you use the wrap without wearing it? It is easier than it seems. There are many ways to make your wrap “worn in”; for example, by spreading it on top your sofa and watching your favorite movie (or scrolling down LENKA news feed and blog on your mobile phone). Or you can spread it on your bed, cover it with a sheet and simply sleep on it.

When not in use, it is important to re-fold your linen wrap from time to time.

If the mummy pays adequate attention to the care of her linen wrap, she enjoys an amazing and functional product, the one she can use throughout all the seasons and the whole babywearing journey.

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