Barefoot Sneakers Barebarics Apollo - Cappuccino Brown

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Barebarics Apollo barefoot sneakers, available in Cappuccino Brown, are designed for all who appreciate comfort and effortless style. These sneakers are made from premium leather, and feature stitched flexible soles, with vibrant accents adorning the toe box and tongue. Another significant aspect of these trendy sneakers is the strategically placed reflective elements. Experience the elegance and sophistication of barefoot footwear while prioritizing versatility without compromising style.

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When choosing a shoe size, keep in mind that sizes may vary between different models. Be sure to select a size based on actual measurements.

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Barefoot footwear attributes

Zero Drop Zero Drop
Wide Toe Box Wide Toe Box
Light weight Light weight
Flexible sole Flexible sole

Customer Reviews

Average rating based on 47 reviews

4.98 of 5 stars


Maurice Verified customer

Great shoes, can totally recommend Barebarics!



Nadezhda Verified customer

Looking so good, I can’t wait for the spring! And very convenient as always! This is my third pair of shoes from Belenka and I cannot wear usual shoes anymore. I‘m addicted 😍


Be Lenka logo

Be Lenka

Thank you for the fantastic review! We appreciate your continued support and loyalty as a repeat customer. Here's to many more comfortable and fashionable steps with Belenka! Best regards, Team Be Lenka


Thomas Andrews Verified customer

Outstanding quality of build BUT not truly barefoot. The size and shape of the outsole changes my gait, it feels similar to wearing big work boots compared with other truly minimalist shoes. It IS wide toe box that allows my feet to Splay and there is some ground feel but it does not appear to be designed to be worn without the insole. I didn't realize that these are "gateway shoes" more designed for people THINKING of getting into barefoot, not really for those of us who have fully transitioned and are OBSESSED with barefoot! Haha
The uppers are more substantial too. Again, beautiful quality and craftsmanship and they are really nice, fashionable. Good for days when my feet are fatigued and I want a bit more cushion and support. The uppers are more substantial and will be great for fall and spring. 4 out of 5 due to not being a pure barefoot shoe, I give 5 out of 5 for aesthetic, build quality, durability, sustainability as these could last years!
I've already ordered Champs 3.0, my second pair of Be Lenka! I have many pairs of Xeros and Splay


Be Lenka logo

Be Lenka

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write a feedback on our Barebarics shoes. Barebarics shoes meet all the requirements for barefoot shoes - flexible sole, anatomical shoe shape that follows the shape of the foot, plenty of room for the toes, lightness. Barebarics shoes are recommended for beginners with barefoot footwear. Best regards Be Lenka Team


Christoph Verified customer

Ich nutze die Schuhe zum Skateboarding. Ich finde sie super!



Soraya Verified customer

Encantada con la compra ,al principio sentía los dedos sueltos en el zapato, me costaba acostumbrarme a esta sensación ahora agradable ,en comparación con otro calzado que me dejaba los pies adoloridos ya que trabajado parada mucho tiempo ,desde que los uso ese dolor y cansancio en los pies ya no los tengo🙏,muy contenta con la compra !!!


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Description & Specifications

Materials used:

Barebarics sneakers are produced using processes that minimize the impact on the environment.

  • The upper combines two types of high-quality leather, providing excellent properties and durability.
  • The lining of the shoe is made from Dermodry Coolmax® technical fabric, which enables constant moisture drainage. This type of lining speeds up the process of moisture-drainage and sweat absorption, thanks to which the skin of the foot remains dry. Dermodry Coolmax® is a soft, light and breathable material typically used in luxurious footwear models and undergoes the most demanding tests of technical quality performed in independent laboratories.
  • The sole is made from soft synthetic rubber with high wear-and-tear resistance. The ComfortGrip sole is designed to provide unparalleled comfort during movement while exploring new places, not only in the city jungle.
  • The removable insole is composed of PU recycled material and microfiber, which provides excellent breathability and allows excellent sweat drainage.

Barefoot properties

  • Anatomic shape - The sneaker respects the shape of the feet. It creates roomy space for toes during movement, it prevents toes from being pressed or developing calluses
  • Material flexibility - The flexible sole enables necessary movement. The feet are not restricted and strengthen naturally
  • Zero-drop - The heel and front of the shoe are levelled. Thanks to this, the body posture and overall correction of the centre of gravity are improved
  • Adaptive sole - 4 mm thick (without protrusions) stimulates nerve endings. It strengthens balance, and awareness of terrain and it protects the feet
  • Lightweight - The Barebarics sneakers are lightweight and with no arch, which prevents leg fatigue and supports the correct walking stereotype

More info

  • Town footwear
  • Modern city design
  • Designed and hand-crafted in the EU, made from local and sustainable materials
  • Great durability and long-lasting colours
  • Dermodry Coolmax® technology for continuous moisture drainage
  • Available in sizes 36-47 (according to European measurements)

Size chart

cm inch
Size width Length
36 8,8 23,3
37 9 23,9
38 9,2 24,6
39 9,4 25,3
40 9,6 25,9
41 9,8 26,6
42 10 27,3
43 10,2 27,9
44 10,3 28,6
45 10,5 29,3
46 10,7 29,9
47 10,9 30,6

The size chart indicates the inner length and width of the shoes in centimetres.

We recommend adding an excess of 0.5 cm to the total length of your foot, which will give you your ideal shoe size.

When choosing the size of shoes, it is necessary to consider other aspects in addition to the shoe size chart (foot physiology - shape, toe width, instep, and others) that can have an impact on how the shoe will fit your foot.

How to measure your foot correctly?

  • Place a blank A4-sized paper on a flat, smooth and even surface.
  • Step onto the paper with all your weight on the leg.
  • Use a pen/pencil to mark the heel and the farthest point from the heel (beware, it may not always be the big toe)
  • Measure the distance between these two points on feet with a ruler (the difference can be ± 0.5 cm)
  • The number obtained is the length of the foot
  • Add an extra 0.5 cm (ideal leeway) to the length of the foot, and you will get the ideal size of your shoe.
  • Find your shoe size per the above measurements by referring to the size chart for each product on our website.
  • The size chart indicates the inner length and width of our barefoot shoes in centimetres.

Important note

  • Our size charts may not correlate with other brands. Hence we recommend following the above steps to determine your correct Be Lenka barefoot shoe size.

How to choose correct size of barefoot shoes?

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